Beware - The 49ers Pistol, Read Option Playbook Lives Here!

Beware - The 49ers Pistol, Read Option Playbook Lives Here!
The 49er Pistol Read Option Offense Lives Here.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

San Francisco 49es Loose - run best plays least again - Yawn

Most teams study what works best, practice most on what they do best and run their best plays more than marginal plays The San Francisco Roman offense is not paying attention to play calling. Not all run plays are equal. Not all pass plays are equal. Vegas odds makers can do a better job on play selection than San Francisco does. Sad to see them running under center and empty backfield shotguns when the pistol and the power sweep would have won the game EZ. Zone block read option pistol to Gore 3 times, a keeper, 2 sweeps and a 25 yard pistol play action pass TD. EZ Recipe.  Cut bait or catch fish. Officials stunk bad. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

San Francisco 49er Play Selection and Bad Officials Create Bear Victory

Bad San Francisco 49er play selection and officiating best describe the Sunday night BBQ enjoyed by Bears who feasted on a suffering Colin Kaepernick crucified by referees and wisdumb from the 49er Roman Offense. The Roman Offense continues to display stubborn insistence to not re-run what works, insisting instead upon running again and again what does not work. In the 4th Quarter the predictable 2014 San Francisco 49er offense did not attack the Bears from their pistol but retreated instead using predictable drop back high risk plays. Does the play selection smell fishy to you?
The facts are simple. Gore, Kaepernick, and the team prosper when they attack fast and hard with their pistol forcing defenses to react and get tired. When fat O linemen retreat in drop back pass blocking, that is uplifting for defense. Unpredictable pistol zone blocking schemes are hard work for defenses and yields twice the yardage per carry as compared to QB under center plays. Pistol plays do better in the NFL than do QB under center plays. Wild cat or shotgun zone blocking run plays are less effective than pistol zone blocking run plays. These are facts. Why do facts play no factor in the 2014 choke perfected, Roman O strategies?  Is the San Francisco 49er offense predictable? Why not throw to Crabtree again on the last play of the game, in a win / lose situation.... surprise, he did not make the catch - oh my such a surprise?