Beware - The 49ers Pistol, Read Option Playbook Lives Here!

Beware - The 49ers Pistol, Read Option Playbook Lives Here!
The 49er Pistol Read Option Offense Lives Here.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

San Francisco 49ers - Collin Kaepernick & Madison Baumgartner - The Lesson - November 2014 News Blog

San Francisco 49ers could win easy or play more bite your nails games after their bye week in October. Compare for a moment the 49ers with the San Francisco Giants. This year the Giants supported their strength and used it wisely to win another World Series. Their hot hand was Madison Baumgartner, a 25 years old pitcher with great talent and expertise. Imagine if the baseball league, his coaches, and other players all talked Madison Baumgartner out of pitching the way he does. You throw too many breaking balls, or too many high pitches, or not enough change ups... etc etc. Can you remember what people said about Kaeperick and his Pistol offense? The Pistol was created by him and his coaches at Reno?  The national and local press, NFL stars, and other players were negative about Kaepernick using his Pistol in the NFL. I remember when Kaepernick was named the new starting QB for the 49ers?  The 49ers offence was making other teams look bad with the Pistol executed by Kaepernick according to his expertise and talent. People wanted San Francisco to go back under center and pile up running plays from the I or drop back pass or play from the shotgun or do anything except get better with that Pistol. Even if they used the wild cat... anything else except the pistol. Why? Because the pistol is for conditioned athletes who destroy you. This is not good if your defense is designed for drop back passing and slow developing run plays from under center. The exhausting high paced pounding of well oiled pistol offences is best done with a smaller faster almost full backs  as a guards. The center too is an aggressive fire out zone blocking animal in a pistol. Tackles push and move the piles forward at least 3 yards, every play with zone blocking. The Pistol QB is a ball handling magician who is also your fastest back on the field with a passing attack too that hits 20 to 30 yards down field every time the defense starts playing the run too tight. When the pistol is not running over or past you in a seam then it passes. Kaepernick and and his coaches at Reno perfected the Pistol, without high profile backs and receivers. They punished all they opposed including an undefeated Boise who they dethroned from their Number 1 ranking on national television. Kaepernick perfected Pistol execution and ball handling... at Reno. Camera men and players had a hard time finding who had the ball and this was the case on most plays. Kaepernick always continued as though he had the ball after he handed off on the quick hitters up the middle to his power back and then when he kept the ball 1/2 of the defense was still tackling the power back. Now the 49ers pistol is poorly executed, he never continues to run the seam after he hands off to the power back, and still the 49ers account for more yardage per play from the Pistol than from any other formation, especially when they execute even a poor read option play.

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