Beware - The 49ers Pistol, Read Option Playbook Lives Here!

Beware - The 49ers Pistol, Read Option Playbook Lives Here!
The 49er Pistol Read Option Offense Lives Here.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Half Measures Fail 49ers - 49ers Loose To Seahawks - September 2013

Half measures fail the 49ers and they loose to the Seahawks. - The 49ers offense tried blending new pistol ideas with old drop back, complex play calling, motion, formation adjustments and some read options... the results were clear - they harmed more effective, quick play, exhausting, brutal, pistol read ya beat ya strategies... Hawks D was too good for half measures or fools play.... Kaepernick did not read then act on open plays to exhaust their defense, nor did he play to score on every play - instead he was just another NFL pocket passer - who can slide. Can he still be the great Pistol read ya beat ya QB athlete that he was becoming?  He was on track to be the best Pistol QB athlete in the NFL. Is mediocrity as a pocket passing ex-pistol athlete his new destiny?  Kaep was guessing and was confused against the Hawks... end of story. Some of it was his problem and some was coaching error. There are times when a QB takes control and runs his best stuff to win and he chooses when to do this. Kaepernick needs to know when and what he will do when these times arise.... Superbowl end of the game and Hawks game are examples of when Kaepernick needed to go out there and do his best stuff. Kaepernick knows what he does best and he knows how to use it. He is intelligent. No excuses from or for him. What will he do?  Interesting to watch for this next week.

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