Beware - The 49ers Pistol, Read Option Playbook Lives Here!

Beware - The 49ers Pistol, Read Option Playbook Lives Here!
The 49er Pistol Read Option Offense Lives Here.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22, 2013 49ers Lose Again - Tough Run Option Not Used - Forced Passing Fails Again

The first quarter drive by the 49ers scored a touchdown as they appeared ready to run the ball down the Colts throat until they choked. Instead, they wasted the game using the same forced pass attack strategies that failed against the Seahawks.  They looked bad. On the few read option plays they ran, they tried not to fool anyone and seemed more afraid of injury than wanting to score. Throwing short of a 1st down or sliding quickly are 2013 priorities for QB Kaepernick who was taught these things. Speed and his strong arm are of little benefit now because he plays afraid. Coach was afraid of losing Kaepernick, so he put fear inside of Kaepernick... so now Kaepernick no longer is a threat. The only reason the Packers lost was because they played for the run and that left a pass game open. Seahawks and Colts dared Kaepernick to run as they shut down his pass game... his opportunity was to use read option 50 yard scoring plays by alternating running, passes, and quick hitting hard running plays by Gore based on a good read and good execution. Instead 49ers ran motion, changed sets, lined up in the I formation, and modified old planned plays. Teaching Kaepernick this mediocrity and a multitude of sets does not perfect what he does best. A path to ruin is where the 49ers offense walks now. They are a timid, confused offense trying to brain ways to victory instead of being the good athletes they are, playing hard, and executing well what they do best.

The Colts and Seahawks have each out played and out coached the 49ers. The 49ers offense are now masters of nothing.  The 49ers offence does everything now but does nothing very well, like a practice squad, so perhaps just playing the practice squad is their next move. The 49er defence played well in both games but showed a defeated attitude by giving up in the 4th quarter of both games.

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